Collaboration (Beta ver.)

Welcome to Join Arison Lashes Community!

Arison Lashes have been supporting makeup artists and makeup lovers to grow faster. We are dedicated to build a makeup community for every makeup lover.
Together, we can build a friendly community where we can express ourselves freely and show our creative ideas and talents.

1. If you haven't been using Arison Lashes before, we provide free pr samples to you first.⤵️

How to get samples 🔗


2. If you are already using Arison Lashes, we can collaborate based on the following content. Click to see what you can get and what we expect.

(1) Photo content 🔗

We award makeup lovers who create nice makeup look with our products.

(2) Video content 🔗

We award video creators who create good makeup-related videos.


3. We also do the following special collaborations:

(1) Interview project 🔗

We take mini online-based interviews to makeup lovers and give benefit to interviewees.

(2) Sponsor project 🔗

We sponsor online and offline makeup contest, activities and giveaways.


Arison Lashes hope to thrive with you! If you have any questions, please contact us 💕