Video Creator Benefit Project

Arison Lashes encourage makeup lovers and makeup artists to create video contents, as it's a good way of expressing yourself and communicating with the world. 

●We award these videos using Arison Lashes: 

1. Quick makeup tutorial
Example 1:
Example 2:

2. Rhythmic music makeup change-over

3. Other creative makeup videos
Just use your creativity~ (・ω< )★

Our logo or package must appear in the video

● How to join this project: 

Upload the video to Instagram, tag us, then send the video link to us via Instagram DM with a short msg 'I want to join Arison video project.' We will reply you. Contact us if you have any questions.

●Benefits for video creators:

1. Your Instagram page or Youtube page will be credited on our Instagram account, which is a good chance to increase influence, get to known by more people and grow faster. 😊
2. You will receive a silver gift card which can be used to shop from our online store.
3. You will have a video-creator coupon valid for 3 months
4. If you have joined our influencer benefit program, you can get exclusive coupons for your followers and extra benefit for yourself too.
5. All videos will enter Arison Best Video of the Year Contest automatically and will have the chance to win annually big award

●Extra benefits for premium video creators:

If you can make premium tutorial videos of 5-8 minutes, you will get extra benefit!
6. You will receive a golden gift card which can be used to shop from our online store.
7. You will have a video-creator coupon valid for 6 months.
8. Premium video tutorial will be shown on an exclusive page on our tutorial section. The Arison product that is used in your video will be shown beside. Anyone purchases from this page, you will get rewarded. 

*Arison Lashes own the right of final interpretation.