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Classic lashes

Arison premium classic lashes are 100% made of Korean PBT, It the most versatile lash type for all lash artists.

Easy fan lashes

Make eyelash-folding a breeze and help you create the perfect fans in seconds. Especially suitable for volume technique beginners.
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YY Lashes

YY lashes are like 2D pre-made fans. They are ideally for creating volume 3D effect while using classic application techniques.
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W Lashes

Can be seen as medium-stem premade fans, but are much more economical than premade fans; Help to create a full volume lash set quickly in 20-30minutes

Let customers speak for us

I used this to clean my eye makeup off w my lash extensions. It works really well and the plastic brush on the bottle really helps to remove the product. It honestly feels really good on your eyelids too.

Foaming Lash Shampoo

Clare Dunbar

Lashes are very soft and have a standard curvature, work very well, customers like them very much and will buy them back.

Easy Fan Lashes


Las pestañas son muy suaves, la curvatura es estándar, la entrega es rápida, estoy muy satisfecho

Easy Fan Lashes


I own a salon in south tampa Florida and for inexpensive lashes.. they are super soft and comparable to my expensive lashes too. I only like the volumes tho. I do not like the classic individuals. They do not hold its curl shape. Saw a a review and YouTube and decided to try it out! And I do love them!

Classic Lashes

Rena D.

I loved them, super easy to make fans
Colored Easy Fan Lashes