W-shape Lashes | W Lash Extensions


      ArisonLashesÂŽ W volume 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D lashes can be seen as a medium-stem premade fans, but are much more economical than premade fans.

      W lashes have the advantages of both classic and premade fan lash extensions, and bridges the gap between classic and volume lashes. They allow you to create 3D volume effect while using classic application technique.

      A full volume lash set usually takes 90-120 minutes, but W volume lashes can help to speed up volume extension significantly, and shorten the grafting time to 20-30 minutes. 🆙

      You can use W lashes alone to create a full volume set, or you can use them as the 'foundation' of volume lash sets, and make some variant using classic lashes or spikes, or camellia lashes after applying W-lashes.


      • Hand-made from high-quality Korean PBT material
      • Foil strip for easier removal
      • For creating volume lash looks while using classic technique
      • Saves up to 70% of time and effort
      • Much more economical than premade fans

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