Interview Project

Arison Lashes hope to help makeup lovers and influencers grow. Whether you are an under-estimated, under-rated or undiscovered makeup artist, or a well-known makeup artist, Arison Lashes will always provide a place for you to express yourself, to get more people see you and understand you, that's why we take mini interviews to talented makeup influencers and lovers.

•How does this project go:

The interview is based on either text+photos or videos. You can choose either.
We will prepare a list of 15-20 questions, and you can answer them.

•Benefit for interview participants:

1. Your Instagram page or Youtube page will be credited on our Instagram account, which is a good chance to increase influence and get to known by more people. 😊
2. You will receive a silver gift card which can be used to shop from our online store.
3. You will have the interview coupon valid for 3 months
4. If you have joined our influencer benefit program, you can get exclusive coupons for your followers and extra benefit for yourself too.
5. The interview content will be shown on our blog section. The Arison product that is used in your video will be shown beside. Anyone purchases from this page, you will get rewarded. 

●How to join this project:

DM us on Instagram or contact us if you want to join this project to share your opinions on our platform.

*Arison Lashes own the right of final interpretation.