Q&A for Arison Lashes · Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Q: How does the serum work?
  • A: Eyelashes have a life cycle consisting of three phases: the growth phase (anagen: 1-2 months), the degradation phase (catagen: 15 days) and the resting phase (telogen: 4-9 months).  And 85-90% of lashes are in their resting phase. The core ingredient bimatoprost in the serum stimulates follicles, and turn the resting follicles into growing follicles, thus making more eyelashes to grow. Besides, it speeds up cell division, making grown lashes thicker, longer and denser.


  • Q: How soon will the serum take effect?
  • A: The effect differs from person to person. If used every day, in most cases, the serum can take effect in 7 days. For rare cases, it takes 15 to 30 days to take effect. If you feel no effect after 45 days of continuous use, we guarantee a full refund.


  • Q: I feel irritation in the eyes. How to solve it?
  • A: Like other beauty products, it might take a little time for our skin to adapt to the ingredient, so in the first 5 days of the adaptive period, there might be side effects like redness in eyes or black eye cycle. To ease them, please try below methods:
    • Apply the serum only once a day before sleeping. Do not apply more than once per day.
    • In the first 5 days, apply a little amount. Increase the amount gradually after the eye skin becomes adaptive.
    • After applying, hold your eyelids and speed up the drying process (by waving a fan, for example). Put down the eyelids after the serum dries.
  • If the irritation continues after 5 days, stop using it and use eye drops to ease the irritation. The irritation will disappear after 2 to 3 days.


  • Q: Why do I seem to have black eye circles?
  • A: The core ingredient bimatoprost causes more eyelashes to grow, so the lashes absorb more nutrition through blood vessels around the eyes. Therefore, the blood circulation around the eyes is accelerated, and more blood flows around the eyes. The skin under eyes is thin, when the blood vessels are not adaptive to the new circulation speed, more blood runs around the eyes, so the skin could look red or even with deep color. It will ease after several days and completely disappear after stopping using the serum.


  • Q: Why do I have redness in my eyes?
  • A: It could be the serum has flown into your eyes. When you use excessive serum and blink before the serum dries completely, the excessive amount could flow into the eyes without awareness. So only use a thin line of serum each time.


  • Q: Why do I feel eyelids itches?
  • A: The blood around the eyes runs more quickly than before, and more lashes are growing under the skin, so it might itch sometimes. It is normal and will ease after several days.


  • Q: My eyelashes seem to become shorter after stop using the serum. Does it contain hormones?
  • A: The serum does not contain hormones and eyelashes do not become "shorter". After stopping using the serum, the grown lashes come to the degradation phase (35 days) and fall. Then the follicles come to the resting phase (35 months). New lashes haven't grown fast enough without the help of serum, so your eyelashes "look" shorter visually, but actually, it is just the original natural status, and there's nothing to worry about.


  • Q: Why do my eyelashes drop after using the serum?
  • A: The serum stimulates the hair follicles and speeds up the growth of lashes. When a new eyelash grows, the old eyelash in the same hair follicle has to be replaced by it and drops. In this period, new lashes haven't come out completely yet, so it looks that your eyelashes drop visually. After several days, when the new lashes grow completely, your eyelashes will look denser and darker. So no need to worry.

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