Nope! Don't Apply Lash Extensions on These Lashes!

Applying lash extensions requires much care and precision. To achieve an amazing lash effect, the more lashes we apply on, the better effect we get? No no.

The key to perfect lash extensions is to apply lash extensions only on the right lash, not every lash!

You do not want to apply lash extensions on the following natural eyelashes, otherwise, your lash work will turn to a disaster instead of becoming better.

1. Lashes on the top ✘:

natural lashes on the top
• These lashes are too few to form a regular and tidy layer.
• Lash extensions on these lashes will result in an untidy and weird layer.

2. Lashes on the bottom ✘:

Lashes on the bottom
• Lash extensions on these lashes are very likely to go downwards.
• They will then obstruct the view and make it uncomfortable when opening eyes because they would attach to the lower lashes.

3. Downward lashes on the outer corner ✘:

Downward lashes on the outer corner
• Lash extensions on downward lashes will go downward too.
• Instead of adding a lifting visual effect, they will make the eyes look even saggier.

4. Thin and short lashes (especially those on the inner corner) ✘:

Thin and short lashes

Thin and short lashes (especially on the inner corner)
• These lashes are too weak to hold lash extensions.
• Lash extensions will add too much weight to these poor weak lashes
• If you apply lash extensions on such lashes, they are likely to be stuck in the eye, making it so uncomfortable.

5. Lashes with white root ✘:

Lashes with white root
• The white root is suggesting that these lashes are getting to their late-life – degradation phase, which means they are ready to fall out any time.
• Lash extensions, to them, are a flash in the pan.
• What's worse, the weight of lash extensions might accelerate the degradation phase, making them fall out sooner.

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