DOs and DON'Ts in Individual Lash Extensions

๐Ÿ™… DON'Ts:

โœ˜1. Rarely change glue drop

A fresh lash blob on a lash root can be spread evenly when sliding on the real lash. While an unfresh lash blob can get thicker and thicker when sliding repeatedly on a real lash, causing an unneat effect. Do change your glue drop every 15-20 min when lashing.

โœ˜2. Not slide close to the real lash.

If the lash extension does not stay close to the real lash when sliding on it, the glue will expose to the air and dry very fast, resulting in weak adhesion and very short retention.

โœ˜3. No sliding before sticking.

It's important to keep lash extensions neat, but secure adhesion is critical.

โœ˜4. Stick again and again on the same lash.

It will result in a thicker and thicker layer on the natural lash, and an unsmooth surface, making adhesion afterward insecure.

๐Ÿ’ DOs:

โœ”1. Keep a proper amount of glue on the lash extension root and a small glue blob, spread the glue blob by sliding the extension on the real lash.

โœ”2. Do the above procedure fast. If the glue blob is fresh, it can cover and wrap the lash while keeping neat.

๐Ÿ”— Arison Lashes Specialty Lash Extension Glue Series:

Video Explanation:

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