- 🔗 Foam cleanser
- 🔗 Lash brush wands
- 🔗 Eye pads
- 🔗 Beauty tapes
- 🔗 Tweezers
- 🔗 Micro applicators cotton swab

Dirty lashes

No doubt lash extensions makes you look all lovely but they can easily get dirty from the oils, sweating and makeup residues. Its a mandate to keep your lashes clean. You can perform the cleansing at home or you could go back to your lash technician and get them cleaned professionally. Below are some steps of how you can clean your lashes .

Cleansing process

1.Stick eye patches under the eye and make sure she is comfortable.

2.Wipe the outer dirty particles with a wiper.
3.Use tweezers to remove some dirty particles that would be sticking on the lashes.
4.Put some cleansing foam on a lash brushes clean the lashes thoroughly.
5.perform a deep cleansing using two micro applicators.
6.Rinse with running water and dry them.

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