Another fashion star fell—— Belle de Givenchy died.

There was a sad news in the fashion circle——Hubert de Givenchy died. Givenchy was one of the designers who made Paris a top fashion icon in the 1950s, so to speak.

His life could be a legend, and every single piece he designed would undoubtedly become a classic. Perhaps modern women who pursue fashion have more or less Givenchy’s single products.

On February 2, 1952, he launched his first personal appearance in Paris. In the fashion show, which is dominated by white cotton, supplemented by elegant embroidery and magnificent jewelry, his creative talents amazed the audience. At the same time also laid the Givenchy in respect of fashion image. For decades the brand has been known for its "elegant style".

His elegant style begins with his story with Hepburn. The acquaintance of Givenchy and Hepburn was a misunderstanding. Givenchy is said to have heard that actress Hepburn was looking for him to design clothes, so he thought it was his idol Catherine Hepburn. But it turned out to be a nifty woman with short leggings and short hair. Hepburn’s first choice is high couture of Balenciaga, but Balenciaga’s designer couldn’t spare time for her, so Hepburn had to turn to Givenchy.

In this way, the two became best partners. 《Dragon and phoenix match》 also won the academy award for the best costume. Since then, Givenchy has designed 80% of the costumes for Hepburn. The little black dress in 《Tiffany's breakfast》is an indelible classic, whose the status of the fashion world is unshakable.


The famous perfume taboo was also inspired by Givenchy. It was used by Hepburn exclusively and was not released to the public for the first three years.

Someone said: "Givenchy's design concept is to let all women wear their own style." In the 1950s, Givenchy's design was very forward-looking. Givenchy had designed the seminal sack dress, abandoning the waist line that binds women. In addition, Givenchy cut skirt and encouraged women to show their legs. He understood the needs of women instead of imprisoning them.

The idea of Givenchy seems to have been consistent with the needs of The Times. At this Paris fashion week, Givenchy's new series, designed with faux fur, is highly acclaimed and highly sought after by consumers.

Givenchy has gone, but the grace left by Givenchy was still there, and Hepburn's beauty was also frozen framed in the film as a classic and will be always remembered.

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