8 Beautiful Female Superhero in Movies

Has everyone seen the most popular superhero movie Avengers: Infinity War? Every time I see a superhero movie, I’m so deeply attracted by the female superheroes (or supersheroes), as they are both beautiful and powerful, beating men in a flash. I may be not interested in the story, but I really love these girls.

On Superhero day, let’s know something about most famous female superheroes on screen!


Though Suicide Squad was in the theatre in 2016, Harley Quinn in the movie is still popular. Pink and blue hair & blurred eye shadow make this girl hot and dangerous.


Though she has no super power, she is expert in EQ and fighting. Her love to The Joker and the friendship with other Suicide Squad members are also touching.


Played by Margot Robbie whose feature is hot

After Suicide Squad, Margot hasn’t been seen much on the screen. But this super attractive character has been remembered by many people.


Scarlet Witch used to be a villain. After turn over a new leaf, she joins The Avengers and becomes Captain America’s right hand.


Her super power looks super cool in the movie.


Played by Elizabeth Olsen from whose sisters are the famous Olsen Twins.


Cat Woman is both a villain and a hero in DC comics. She is the enemy of Batman, but also is his favorite woman.


She always wears tight bodysuit and holds the whip.


Cat Woman has been played by different actress since this character was on screen. Many people likes Halle Berry’s version. Though her acting skill was a little awkward, her figure is flawless.


Probably Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman is the most beautiful version. She’s swift, sexy and elegant.


Wonder Woman is also a super hero from DC comics. She is super good fighter, as she’s Zeus’ daughter. She never runs out of strength and is able to fly. What’s more, she never gets old.


This character becomes popular when Justice League was released. Played by Gal Gadot who is a gorgeous beauty from Israel.


Black Widow is from Marvel Comics. Her real identity is a Russian woman called Natasha. She accepts spy training when she’s young and is modified genetically. She uses high-tech weapons I the movie but also is good at unarmed combat.


She’s super hot and clever, so almost every man considers her as the Goddess in Marvel Comics.


Hit-girl is the violent little girl in Kick-Ass. She’s the daughter of Big Daddy and uses all kinds of weapons skilfully.


In Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, this character is played by Chloë Moretz. Maybe you don’t see her in movies often, but actually she started to acting since 6 years old. 


Mystique is the featuring character in X-Men movies. She can transform to anyone and is covered by blue scales all over her body.


Played by Jennifer Lawrence. But it’s a pity that Jennifer won’t play this character anymore, as the blue paints is not healthy.


Supergirl is Superman’s sister, but a little weaker than Superman. When their planet Krypton was destroyed years ago, Supergirl and superman who’s still an infant escapes by two spaceships. Unfortunately Supergirl’s spaceship went off course due to blast from their planet, so she arrives on earth many years later than Superman.


TV play Supergirl was released by CBS. This is played by Melissa Benoist. Many people know her from movie Glee.

OK.These are the best-known female superheroes. Who is your favorite? Which super power of them do you want to have? Leave a comment!

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