Become our ambassador!

As a leading brand of professional eyelash products, Arison Lashes have been working with many influencers, and held fun events to encourage everyone to discover the beauty in themselves and gain more confidence.

We look forward to your participation. Join us now! 😃

How to become an ambassador?

1. You are supposed to be active on social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

2. Follow us on social media:

Instagram: @ArisonLashes

Facebook: @ArisonlashesInfo

3. Purchase at least one of our products.

4. Interact with us by liking our posts or sharing your opinions in the comment.

If you are okay with the above simple ways, feel free to send us a message via Instagram @ArisonLashes or Email us:

What will I be rewarded as ambassador?

You will get the chance to test our new products, receive freebies, a physical ambassador certificate printed with your name, and earn commission.

You will have a personalized discount code to share with your social media followers or your friends.

What shall I do to as an ambassador?

1. You can share content using Arison products and share on social media.

2. If you like any product, welcome to share it with your friends.

3. Let us know your opinion or feedback to our products.

We can't wait to collaborate with you! 😃