How to Remove Fake Lashes


Lash glue remover
Cotton swab or Q-tip

Step 1: Dissolve lash glue

Soak a cotton swab with glue remover until it is fully moistened. Gently rub your lash line for several times with this cotton swab. Let the glue remover stay for 20-30 seconds.

✨Tip: It's recommended to remove eye makeup before using lash glue remover, so that it would be easier to take off fake lashes.

Step 2: Remove fake lashes

Use your fingers or tweezers to push down fake lashes by the band from your eye gently. Repeat Step 1 if there is tension when pulling off.

✨Tip: Hold your eyelid to avoid skin from stretching.
✨Tip: Avoid pulling or tugging fake lashes, especially the hair on lashes.

Step 3: Remove glue residue

If there is glue residue on your lash line, rub it with a cotton swab soaked with lash glue remover. Then wash off eyes with warm water.

✨Tip: A better choice is to wash your lashes with Arison Lashes' non-irritating lash shampoo cleanser, which is tear-free and moisturizing, designed especially for cleaning eyelashes.

Step 4: Clean and store

Soak a cotton swab or Q-tip with lash glue remover, rub along fake lash band. Let the remover stay for 20-30 seconds, then rub off the glue residue from the lash band. Keep the dried fake lashes in a closed box in a cool dry place.

✨Tip: Arison Lashes fake lashes can be used for multiple times if cared and stored carefully.

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