The Process of Eyelash Extension 2

For an eyelash grower

1.First of all, long hair must be tied up to prevent the hair hit the customer's face. Masks must be worn, we in the customer communication, to prevent spittle, or eyelash root glue places will be white.

2.Tool placement. Before giving the customer operation, the beauty eyelash division must be required to use the tools prepared in advance, prohibit in the process of giving the customer operation to leave to take things.

3.Disinfect. After the customer lies down, we put the turban on the customer's forehead and make sure to cover the customer's eyebrows. Before the formal operation, Mascara Division to first professional hand disinfection liquid hands, and then the tool disinfection.

4.Remove makeup and clean the roots of eyelashes. When cleaning, wet the dust-free cotton pieces with the eyelash cleaning solution, gently wipe the grease and dust on the eyelash root and skin, and then blow-dry with a hair dryer.

5.Eye Patches and straightening out. After cleaning, separate the upper and lower eyelashes with an eye mask. After putting on an eye patch, comb your eyelashes with an eyelash comb to straighten them out.
Selection and grafting. According to the length of the customer's eyelashes than the customer's own eyelashes about 1/3 of the length of classic lash extensions, or other styles of eyelashes, such as easy fan lashes.

Grafting and the next to maintain a certain distance between the eyelashes to be grafted, to avoid adhesion.


6.Check and blow dry. After grafting is completed, the Mascara Division should first check whether the shape of the two eyes is the same, the root number is the same. If there is no problem, use a hair dryer to dry.

7.Finally, Eyelash extension is a simple and interesting thing, protect our eyelash to be able to send out unique charm.

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