How to Apply Faux Lashes


How to apply fake lashes false lashes_tools_scissors+tweezers+glue
Tweezers or Applicator
Lash glue

Step 1: Measure and trim

How to apply fake lashes false lashes_step 1_sizing lash (measuring+triming)
Hold the lash band up against your natural lash line, and trim the excess from the outer corner.

how to apply faux lashes_trim
✨Tip: If the lashes are too long, consider trimming the individual lashes down. Lashes should be longer toward the outer corner of the eye.

Step 2: Apply lash adhesive

How to apply fake lashes false lashes_step 2_apply lash glue to fake lash strip
Apply the lash adhesive to the outer seam of eyelash band with an applicator or small brush. Allow the glue to dry for a moment before applying it to your lashes.

how to apply faux lashes_apply glue
✨Tip: Alternatively, you can squeeze a thin line of lash glue onto the back of your non-dominant hand. Then, gently run the outer seam of the eyelash strip along it.

Step 3: Place and hold

How to apply fake lashes false lashes_step 3_place and press fake lashes to lashline
Grasp the lash with applicator, place the lash band as close as possible to your natural lash line.

how to apply faux lashes_place lashes
✨Tip: If you have watery eyes, apply more glue to either end for extra hold.

Step 4: Dry

How to apply fake lashes false lashes_step 4_wait 15 seconds for lash glue to dry
Press down and hold the lashes at the base of your lash line, and wait for at least 15 seconds.

how to apply faux lashes_hold lashes
✨Tip: Allow the glue to dry naturally. Once the strip is in place, you do not need to press or hold it.

Step 5: Apply mascara (Optional)

How to apply fake lashes false lashes_step 5_apply mascara to lashes
Applying mascara to your lashes is not a recommended step, because the chemicals in mascara might cause damage to fake lashes, but some people might want a better effect, then you can try. This step will help blend your natural lashes with the false ones, achieving a more natural look. You can use black, brown, or dark gray mascara.

how to apply faux lashes_curl
✨Tip: Avoid using eyelash curlers directly on mink lashes. Instead, try the gentle heat from a heated lash curler to brush, blend & list lashes in place.

Nicely done!

how to apply faux lashes_done

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