God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers

Three billboards: after you leave, I am against the world.

Three billboards, arguably the hottest movie at the end of last year, who led the awards season and won many more Oscars this year.

Although it tells a story about human nature, the story unfolds through a mother's story.

She was angry and strong, and in order to avenge her daughter, she rented three billboards to confront the town's police officers.

During this period, she did a lot of crazy things, regardless of other people's dissuade and unusual vision, only determined her own thoughts , revenge for her daughter. Despite her stubbornness, we can see how a mother can sacrifice herself for her children, even if it's a crazy, radical idea.

The greatness of maternal love is not only reflected in this way, but also can be felt every day.

But maybe this kind of concern has been running through our lives so that we can't feel it all the time, so there will be such a holiday to remind us.

The festival launched by Anna Jarvis, and later the United States congress will determine the second Sunday in May each year as legal mother's day. It also stipulates that all families should fly the flag to show their respect to their mothers. And Anna Jarvis's mother's favorite carnation became a symbol of mother's day.

The festival is to make us remember some people or things that need to be remembered or blessed when we are busy. Let us say those words that we forgot to say in the festive atmosphere.

So in such a warm holiday today, don't forget to send a bouquet of flowers you choose attentively, a small card with your blessing, a small gift you carefully selected, and the most important thing is not to forget to tell her, I love you.

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