A mini review of Instant Influencer by James Charles

James Charles' beauty competition show Instant Influencer has been on air for two months. I just watched the first episodes of it. I have to say that I really love it!

James Charles is such a nice and friendly person. He would tell very professional and helpful suggestions in a way that takes care of the feelings of the contestants instead of being mean. I like the positive attitude he is showing. The judges and contestants are so nice too. Each one shows their unique personality and all are friendly.

This show looks very professional to normal people, I guess aspiring make-up influencers might get more from the show, but still, it's very entertaining and is enjoyable to watch.

During watching, I can't help thinking: if I'm one of the contestants, what will be my strategy? Winning is of course the final goal, I'll try to understand what the judges want me to show and try my best to do the missions. However, I might also consider: if I won't be the winner, what can I benefit from this show? Say, if I am eliminated after just one contest, I might try to be impressive by showing my biggest advantage, a highlighted aspect as an influencer, such as confident, humorous, professional. Actually I like the contestant Indigo very much, though he's eliminated in Episode 2. I feel he's expressive and the looks he made are impressive too. He's got some cool ideas.

Anyway, in Episode 2, the contestants are assigned a mission in the morning: do a red carpet glam look in 30 min, which is such a huge challenge.

Some contestants made a balanced look, which means a simple look, spending attention averagely on foundation, contour and eyes; some decided to focus on just the eyes or the lips. We can actually learn some tricks here, like how to make a full look in a very limited time.

A contestant Kailin's trick is to invest more time on the eye look ( via https://youtu.be/Mwn6JKpSv9U?t=329). Her opinion is: "I really wanted to focus on making the skin good, and then I just wanted to make sure that lashes were on, because if you have no makeup on, lashes can do you so much."And it turns out her strategy works well. Her eyes look very impressive and glowing in the close-up.

If I'm going to do a full look in a limited time, my choice will be similar to hers, which is EyebrowsFake lashesLipstickEyeshadowSkin (since my skin condition is OK). What would be your grab&go make-up routine? Welcome to leave a comment below.

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